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Car Design career

A Car design career sounds like its just creating cars. It’s more than that; working as a team or solo, working in certain divisions such as interior, exterior, engine, anything, creating your own or for a company to be seen on the road if lucky, paper and pencil, or computer-aided drafting programs, Anything just for car designing. First steps aren’t as easy as it seems since only requiring college courses or University if they offer (will be better results). To begin, you must be wise in choice of courses and must take at least one year of Art school on your own time.

Second, finding a college/University that best suits; the better choice is the one with the better reputation or history of students who went into car design, or at least Industrial Design courses or Automotive Design if you’re lucky. Once you graduate, choosing your path will be difficult; choosing who to work for and who will accept you. Every company in the world has over thousands and thousands of car designers, so even if you’re chosen to be in the team for one of the main companies, you must be very good at focusing on the scope of the company to strike something that the market will want, Because it’s a very high competitive division. Reputation is one of the most themes that automotive companies need to sustain, the quality of the cars, and how they look will pursue buyers.

To be able to create such designs, a background in knowledge of automotive would be good (like interests or drawings) and creativity is greatly needed. Nowadays car designers use computer-aided drafting programs such as Rhino or very little of AutoCAD, which require pen tablets, and some still use old-fashion style to present their ideas; paper, pencil and colouring tools. Depending on your level of reputation, car designers recieve usually an income of $50,000 and up and beyond. Not only car designing is sitting at a desk at home or at a clean indoor-facility, there is also clay modelers, where they go into concepting and “Production” of their design into a certain- scaled clay model and complete it with every aspect of detail to present your own idea to the company, and this is one of the next steps if you are moving on.

If your design is fully prepared and chosen to production in the line-up of the year or future, the next is a full-scale clay model (Designers and team must actually make a full clay concept model to present final touches and feaseability). You never know, one day your own creativity is seen on the streets. Hopefully one day,  this, my dream career will become aquired as I try my best to achieve it.


eCar Design Project

This project was completed in Grade 10, the task given was to research and brainstorm some electric powered cars and to design our very own, in partners. The process of learning was through the design brief of the project. the cars were to be as small as possible while seating one or two persons in the vehicle, three or four wheels of choice and must be powered by electricity.

The design brief was where most of our research and thinking was put together, which was most difficult discussing and negotiating between the two person group, and brainstorming realistic ideas such as cost-wise, or what materials should consist amongst the vehicle.Below is what my partner and I accomplished in this project.

The car was re-designed multiple times due to the constrictions such as material and size, in my view I wished to create it to be most aesthetic visually, but throughout it was not possible in our conditions of progress.The vehicle is a one-seater, meant to bring around one person, being better in many ways than a motorcycle such as being relatively the same size in width and length. The power supply (or engine) is at the rear where most power will be delivered to the rear.the vehicle is able to run 130km/h on a full charge (6hours, 200v outlet) and the maximum speed tops out at 130km/h. It is also AWD(All-Wheel-Drive) and estimated starting price realistically would be $15,000-$50,000 for our electric car design.

These designs were created both of us.

My Evolution of Car Drawings/Design

Here, is most of my best works of car designing free-handed as I learned by myself to start drawing since almost 3 years old. This section shows how I’ve evolved through many years of vision and enjoyment of having my talent (as many say it is talent). As new cars in production every year change styles and trends, like me I become influenced and inspired very easily and mix anything that would be most aesthetic in my designs. Before, i’ve had lots of free time as you can see, nowadays being busy and occupied with education and life occupancies, have many incomplete drawings. I use anything that i am able to draw with, whether its: Paper, lined paper, pencil, 2b pencil, markers, computer, pen, ballpoint pen, fountain pen, sharpie, whatever it is, as long as I can do what I want to do with the piece of paper.Here is my timeline of my sketchings and drawings of my own designs.